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Useful resources

We hope that this Toolkit helps you to end homelessness – and we wish you every success.

We are keen to continuously improve what we do, so please do send us your comments, suggestions and feedback on the Toolkit, all of which would be warmly welcomed.

Regardless of whether you are running a local campaign, if you are working to end homelessness where you live and work, or nationally, or globally, you may find these additional resources below helpful in your efforts.


World Habitat believes that everyone everywhere has the fundamental right to a safe and secure home. We seek out and share the best solutions to housing problems from around the world.  World Habitat is working with cities to end street homelessness through the European End Street Homelessness Campaign.


FEANTSA brings together non-profit services that support homeless people in Europe. Their Cities Toolkit provides a framework and suggested actions for cities who are committed to ending homelessness:

  1. Better Data Collection
  2. Increasing Access to Affordable Housing
  3. Delivering Integrated Services
  4. Investing in Prevention

Download full Toolkit here.


The Institute of Global Homelessness Hub (IGH Hub) connects researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to one another, to ideas, and to effective practice from around the world. 


Built for Zero is a national change effort designed to help a core group of committed US communities end chronic and veteran homelessness.  Co-ordinated by Community Solutions, the national effort supports participants in developing real time data on homelessness, optimising local housing resources, tracking progress against monthly goals, and accelerating the spread of proven strategies.


This is a group of organisations, public authorities and foundations working to scale up Housing First in Europe. The Hub organises training on Housing First, conducts and publishes research, and produces tools for practitioners and policy makers to understand, explain and deliver Housing First.