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Introducing the Toolkit

This Toolkit is designed to help you work with others in your city to improve policies and systems to ultimately end homelessness.

It can also help cities that are active members of our Campaign to learn from each other to increase local impact and save time. These cities are taking action to improve the lives of vulnerable people living on the streets.

While there is no single method for success, cities share common issues and approaches. So we have used their experiences to develop the options for action and set these out in our campaign model.

There is also a list of the key elements of a successful city campaign.

Use and adaptation of this Toolkit

The content has been created using the experiences of European Campaign cities, Community Solutions and OrgCode in the USA, and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness – who are all part of campaigns committed to ending street homelessness. Thank you to everyone for allowing us to utilise them for this Toolkit.

You are welcome to use and adapt parts of the Toolkit, so long as you credit the source on materials, and they can be shared/used freely and without financial charge to others. If in doubt, please contact World Habitat to ask about correct attribution before use.

All of the online content is available to everyone. To download the PDF of the toolkit and any documents or templates, you will need to register here.

Definitions and terminology

Different words, jargon and acronyms are used within and across countries in Europe. Throughout the toolkit we try to use definitions and terms in a consistent way. These are the most common ones we use.

The problem of homelessness is not just a local problem. It’s a national problem, it’s a European problem, it’s a global problem.

Adrienne, Brussels