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section 4

Identify and gather resources

Consider what resources you have, or will need, to support your campaign.


People’s time, commitment and skills are your greatest resource. Think about who you want to work with and who has the necessary skills and attributes to really drive your campaign. With too few people you can risk burnout or overload, but with too many you may find it hard to maintain focus or reach decisions.

Our detailed guidelines will help you to build your campaign team and structure. This template will help you consider who to involve and how.

You may be asked about legitimacy and accountability. What right do you have to run a campaign to end street homelessness?  Who are you accountable to?  The approach you adopt will matter.  Is yours a campaign ‘by the people, with the people, or for the people?’  Different styles are described here.

If you get the structure and approach right you will be able to involve all kinds of local individuals and organisations in new and different ways that will make your campaign stronger.

City example: “…all partners involved in Westminster put the voices of people with lived experience at the centre of their work. Their Connections Week involved a number of ‘peers’ – people who had or who were sleeping on the streets. They provided valuable insight into the hardship of sleeping on the street.”


You don’t always need a lot of money to run a local campaign, but it does help to have a small budget.  Larger cities and campaigns may need funding to assist central co-ordination/logistics.  Here are some ideas about money for your campaign.

In-Kind Support

Many local businesses are concerned about homelessness and keen to help. They may encourage staff to volunteer their time and skills, or provide free food or drink or a venue for events, or help in some other way.

City example: In Brighton, a prestigious British Airways venue was provided for free for the campaign’s launch event. This saved commercial hire charges and gave the launch greater profile and visibility.